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Innovations Responsible for Growth of Bakery Industry
Tuesday, 31 December, 2019, 16 : 00 PM [IST]
Vaibhav Bhosale
India is the land of variety. You can see the variety in different things such as culture, religion, lifestyle, and food, among others. Food is one of the major things essential for living and hence, the food industry in the country is booming at an exceptional pace, especially the bakery industry. Bakery products are consumed by people all over the world due to affordability and high nutritional value.

In addition to this, the bakery industry has a lion’s share in the food processing industry. When it comes to bakery products, users are always asking for newer options. This has led to certain innovations in the bakery industry, thereby satisfying the rising appetite of the health-conscious people in the country.

Innovations In Bakery Industry
Here are some of the innovations that are trending in the bakery industry in India.

Technological Enchantments
Gone are the days when bakery products were produced manually and needed a huge amount of manpower. India is one of the leading developing nations. Hence, the increasing urbanisation has led to the introduction of new technologies in different industries, and the bakery industry is not spared from this. Manufacturers in the industry are already well-aware of general tools such as combi ovens, planetary mixers, rack ovens, flour sifter, and cookies machines. In addition to these tools for the making of bakery products, manufacturers are shifting with great speed to technologically-enhanced tools such as pizza rollers, donut baking machines, and sheeters. Apart from this, the trend of printing images on cakes for decorations is also trending in the country and is a huge success.

One of the main reasons for people shifting to technology for the making of bakery products is nothing but rising awareness about the advantages of tech. New and technically-advanced tools not only save time but are also fuel-efficient, thereby being well-liked among manufacturers as well as end-users.

Technology is not the only reason for the development of the bakery industry in India. People in the nation are experimenting with different ingredients, as well. This not only results in the invention of new dishes but also leads to the making of products that are healthier and high in nutrients. For example, the introduction of Lame Quick and Spongolit is the trending innovation in bakery ingredients. The Lame Quick whipping agents generate a light creamy texture in bakery products as well as create a pleasing mouthfeel. These agents are majorly made up of healthier polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, which help reduce the cholesterol levels and consequently the risk of heart disease.

Enhanced Packaging Solutions
Packaging plays a major role in preventing mechanical damage, elevating the shelf life, displaying food safety-related warnings, maintaining the nutritional value, and marketing. And in India, the bakery industry has been trying different methods for packaging of the products. One of the innovations in packaging is the employment of sealants for outstanding hot-tack strength, low-temperature seal initiation, and lowering the effect of packaging on the environment. The use of sealants has been considered as an extremely innovative attempt for the preservation of bakery products. In addition to this, manufacturers are also using sachets and vertical pouches to show their innovation in the packaging of baking goods.

Increasing Competition
Since the bakery industry is flourishing at great speed, new players are always eager to make an entry into the Indian bakery industry. This leads to cut-throat competition in the sector. Veteran players in the industry experiment with new techniques and products to maintain their foothold in the sector. Meanwhile, newbies in the bakery sector too come with new ideas to lure in the consumers. As a result, the end-users benefit and have a variety of new baking products at their disposal. This rivalry among the market players leads to different innovations. Thereby it is responsible for the mushrooming growth of the Indian bakery industry.

With e-commerce sites expanding their reach by offering a plethora of products to the users at their doorstep, manufacturers in the bakery industry are summoning such websites for the marketing of their products. Earlier, the marketing of bakery products was limited to the ads in newspapers. But now, users can witness them all over the Internet. In addition to this, unlike the earlier days, users can now order bakery products online right from their couch.

Experimenting on Baking Products
Since there are two sides to a coin, these innovations, too, have their set of disadvantages. With rising technological advancements comes the rising cost of maintenance. Hence, manufacturers experience difficulties while maintaining the advanced machines used for making baking goods. In addition to this, experimentation by manufacturers with different ingredients in bakery products is not always beneficial. Certain people are allergic to different ingredients. And hence, we cannot ignore the fact that experimenting on baking products with different ingredients might be dangerous at some level.

Furthermore, advanced packaging solutions and different marketing strategies require a hefty amount; and manufacturers make up for this investment by increasing the cost of the products. This price, in the end, is paid by the end-user.

The Indian bakery industry is booming rapidly and has great potential. With the help of latest technologies and trends, attaining higher satisfaction and higher profits is now child’s play. Users get better products at the customer level along with a plethora of options to select from. The technological advancements and innovations will work hand in hand with the manufacturers to offer satisfaction to consumers. In addition to this, technology is also developing day-by-day. Hence, time is near to witness the bakery industry in India with negligible drawbacks. And since the end-user and the target audience are present in huge amount, the industry will seem to run smoothly for a few decades or so.

(The author is content head at Zion Market Research. He can be contacted at vaibhav.dhananjay.bhosale@
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