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Indian poultry, broiler mkt projected to grow at Rs 3,775 billion by ’23
Saturday, 17 August, 2019, 08 : 00 AM [IST]
Dr. Preeti Birwal
India is a agriculture based country. Major livelihood is depending on the agriculture. Agriculture, along with fisheries, poultry and forestry, is one of the largest contributors to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). India ranks first in having the largest livestock population in the world. This livestock is major source for family income generation and employment. In the poultry segment, the Government’s focus, besides framing suitable policies for enhancing commercial poultry production, is for strengthening the family poultry system, which addresses livelihood issues. Egg production was around 88.1 Billion showing a growth rate of 12.3%, while poultry meat production was estimated at 7.37 MT in 2018. Poultry sector have shown major growth in food and agriculture industry. The trend of contract farming, broilers and fresh frozen meat selling is growing. The Indian market for poultry, broilers and eggs has been reported INR 1,494 Billion worth in 2017 and future projections are INR 3,775 Billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 16.5% during 2018-2023. Total 75% of egg production is contributed by commercial poultry farms, remaining comes from household/backyard poultry.

With this status India is reported as world's largest producer of eggs and broiler meat. This significant transformation is happened due to sizeable investment in breeding, hatching, rearing and processing activities.
Indian population is increasingly converting to a non-vegetarian diet. Poultry meat is being  preferred over other meat products as it is considered more hygienic and is available throughout the year across the country at relatively lesser prices than fish/mutton. The growth and consumption of this sector is majorly depending on different startup and restaurants. If one talk about utilization of eggs in food industry in that case bakery and confectionary industries have showed their candidature for this. So which growth of these two industries the growth for poultry industry could be estimated simultaneously.

In few years the consumption of meat and meat products have been predicted to increase due to shift of food habits, urbanization, increase in health concerns, life style, time constraint etc.

With the growth and production many challenges like transportation, waste management, use of green energy, disease diagnosis, lack of advanced technology, inadequate cold storage facilities and processing equipment, particularly at the farm level, act as a major constraint in enabling this sector to take a quantum jump in production and productivity. Farming land scarcity is also major issue in India. On the other hand, animal welfare is very active birds keeping facilities. The spreading of diseases is also one of the major issues which can be observed in the poultry farming. Many bird flu outbreaks have been reported since last many years, which have affected the consumption and market of poultry.  The assurance and major preventive remedies and solution have been given by the animal husbandry board of India. In this regard many associations like India like Poultry Federation of India (PFI), Compound Livestock Feed Manufacturers Association (CLFMA), Indian National Federation of Animal Health (INFAH), National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC), Broiler Coordination Committee (BCC) and likewise are playing their role actively and creating awareness among farmers and consumers. The great efforts of these group have made various nutraceutical and biological vaccines with medicinal feed.  Many composed diet with nutritional supplements vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, selenium, zinc etc. have been introduced to farmers. Awareness program on good hygiene and biosecurity have been implements.

Many MoU have been signed between Indian government with foreign countries to implement best farming techniques in poultry farming and egg productions.

A scope in food industry
Being a major production commodity poultry broiler and egg have a very important and significant place in Indian food industry. Starting from selling fresh meat to distributing and processing the poultry sector contributing majorly to food industry. New initiatives have been taken like developing meat spoilage sensor, nano-packaging film for meat preservation.

There is a great opportunity of poultry sector in India in farming, processing and selling. Huge prospects in development of new processing and packaging technique can be seen. Many new genetic modifications can be done for betterment of birds. New products not only direct cooking, something like instant and ready to eat market still have to be explored in this sector.

(The author is from Department of Food Technology, School of Engineering and Technology, Jain University. She can be contacted at
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