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Fabelle launches Societe De Chocolat series of masterclasses with McKay
Saturday, 18 November, 2017, 08 : 00 AM [IST]
Our Bureau, Mumbai
As a part of its initiative to conduct the Societe de Chocolat series of masterclasses with international experts for chocolate connoisseurs across India, Fabelle, the home-grown brand of luxury chocolates, collaborated with Billie McKay, winner of Masterchef Australia 2015, as its first global mentor for the sessions.

She, along with Fabelle master chocolatiers, hosted a series of four masterclasses, presenting some of Australia’s most iconic desserts using Fabelle chocolates.

These included the ice cream sandwich with master chocolatier Ruby in ITC Gardenia; the Lamington with master chocolatier Bhumika in ITC Maratha; the Pavlova with master chocolatier Sreyoshi in ITC Maurya and the Chocolate Ripple Cake with master chocolatier Deepthi in ITC Chola.

The event also saw Fabelle’s master chocolatiers introducing the audience to the different types of cocoas used in the recreations of desserts, demonstrated the key steps in processing the chocolates and the various techniques involved in making the exquisite desserts.

McKay also shared some tips and tricks and explained how different chocolates could be used to make simple in home chocolate creations which was well-appreciated by guests.

This was followed by an interactive session between the audience and the celebrity chef, where she interacted with the guests and responded to their queries.

With this initiative, Fabelle continues to establish itself as the true pioneer of luxury chocolates in India by further strengthening one of the brands’ core propositions, that of providing active and participative luxury.

In a bid to revolutionise the understanding of luxury chocolates, the brand’s master chocolatiers have championed participative and immersive experiences in the chocolate boutiques based in ITC’s super premium luxury hotels across the country.

At the live chocolate studios, consumers can interact with chocolatiers, observe live chocolate-making and create chocolates creations as per their tastes and preferences.

Taking these uniquely crafted experiences further, Fabelle’s Societe De Chocolat, which aspire to foster a love for chocolates and introduce the nuances of making and appreciating luxury chocolates to the Indian consumer, were launched.

Since its launch, the brand has witnessed a surge in consumer enthusiasm to understand the different aspects of chocolates.

While interacting with consumers at the chocolate boutiques, its master chocolatiers have gained insights that the consumers were extremely intrigued by various origins of cocoa, different cocoa flavour notes, techniques involved in chocolate making like tempering and conching and were keen to understand how exquisite chocolate creations and desserts are crafted, et al.

They also recognised the sense of gratification that consumers felt when they were involved in the process of the chocolate-making and participated in this journey.

Banking upon this consumer enthusiasm and inquisitiveness, Fabelle’s Societe De Chocolat masterclass series has been introduced at all chocolate boutiques.

Societe De Chocolat is an exclusive chocolate-making programme, which is designed to create better understanding of chocolates to consumers and provide rich insights into the art of chocolate-making.

From understanding the origins of cocoa to melting and tempering the chocolate, making chocolate to plating and serving the creations the programme aims to address all the intricate facets of chocolate-making.

Fabelle’s Societe De Chocolat has been in session for the last six months, and these classes have already been well received by the consumers, including children.

Hemant Malik, divisional chief executive, ITC Foods Division, said, “With the introduction of Fabelle’s Societe De Chocolat masterclass series, we enhance our focus on providing immersive chocolate experiences that are both unique and enriching and can be cherished by anyone who is a part of this special initiative.”

“Fabelle plans to redefine exquisite luxury by transforming the art of chocolate making into a multi-sensorial affair, while enabling consumers understand the fine art of chocolate-making. Fabelle Societe De Chocolat aims to present a unique and delightful experience for our consumers,” he added.

McKay said, “Creating distinctive experiences is in itself an innovation and a step towards being unique and Fabelle as a brand champions that. I have always thought that a memorable experience comes with the urge to create something for yourself, by yourself.”

“With Fabelle, one really gets the opportunity to discover their passion for chocolates and that is why my association the brand is so very special. Luxury has always been an end product and seldom do we get an opportunity to experience the creation. This has now been transformed by Fabelle into an active and participatory experience,” he added.

Mayank Kulshreshtha, executive chef, ITC Maratha, said, “Chocolate has always been a passion of mine. The different textures and parings that come together to create a symphony of flavours is a unique experience, one that Fabelle proudly advocates.”

“At Fabelle, we are all about creating an immersive experience for our consumers. With Fabelle Societe De Chocolat masterclasses, the brand once again presents its consumers an opportunity to interact and learn the technique of fine chocolate making and appreciation,” he added.

Fabelle Societe De Chocolat is a two-way, interactive masterclass, allowing the consumer to innovate and communicate ideas leading to an unparalleled experience.

Extending the Societe De Chocolat initiative, Fabelle has now opened its doors to different sets of chocolate lovers, including children, mothers and kids and corporates. In these customised sessions, the content is tailormade as per requirements.
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