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Innovations and research in the bakery industry in India
Wednesday, 17 June, 2020, 08 : 00 AM [IST]
Rishabh Chokhani
The bakery is one of the largest and oldest segments of the food processing industry in India. It is modernising and constantly changing in terms of the bakery products range and demand for newer options which has driven the bakery market over the forecasted period.

Due to the rapid rise in population, the rising Western influence, the change in eating habits of people and popularity among people are adding significantly to the growth of the bakery industry in India.

According to the report by IMARC Group, “Indian Bakery Market: Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2020-2025”, the market value is projected to reach a value of US$13.3 billion by 2025, expanding at a CAGR of 9.1% during 2020-2025. Now the organic bakery products, due to their high nutrient value and affordability, have become an item of huge consumption which has also shown a strong demand for bakery products in India.

Demand for bakery products
The growth in demand for bakery products has increased in both urban and rural areas. This growth has happened due to the availability of better ingredients from chocolate, toppings, fillings, flavours and flour and foreign influence which has brought in many new players striving to produce products of the international standard rather than products of standard quality.

Due to innovation and latest trends like e-retailing of bakery products, improved packaging, and innovation in ingredients, the bakery industry is expected to grow to a great extent, with the growing awareness and a flourishing economic environment.
Along with technological advancements, the Indian bakery industry is using innovation in ingredients and preferring for healthier foods. Now we produce bakery products using multigrain bread, brown bread, sweet bread or even gluten-free bread, biscuits (cookies), cakes and pastries ingredients like corn starch powder, potato starch powder and Tapioca flour.

Healthy bakery products
Overall, the trend towards organic products has been prompted by increasing health awareness, such as the rise in the demand for sugar-free and healthy bakery products. Consumer demand for healthier, less-processed bakery products, egg-less, allergen-free, sugar-free, non-dairy and organic baked goods continue to increase. The trend towards organic products has grown so strong that even traditional bakeries and companies are now bringing in new products to cater to the growing demand for organic products/ bakery items.
The latest trend in baking remain toward lighter, healthier products, and those containing allergen-free, whole-grain, organic ingredients. Therefore it is important to enhance the products’ health-supporting qualities. The bakery products should include fibre, antioxidants, omega-3 oils, and vitamins and minerals, which provide both health benefits and taste to products. Examples of these include fruits, nuts, certain spices, and cocoa.

Organic products/items
Organic vegetarian bakery products are also gaining popularity. Such organic products/items contain a variety of grains, whole grains, fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs, spices, and vegetarian or vegan cheeses. The demand for organic products like flours made from buckwheat, quinoa, millet, amaranth, flax, corn, rice, sorghum, wild rice, and other non-wheat grains remain a popular trend in baking. These flours offer tastes and textures that are uniquely distinct from wheat flours.

The spike in demand in the bakery sector has led to a lot of variations. Now the industry has taken an organic turn. With rising health problems in the country such as obesity and diabetes, as well as a growing interest in unconventional sweet eats, the organic bakery has witnessed a surge in popularity. Organic bakery products have emerged as a healthy alternative in the bakery industry in India.
(The author is founder and CEO, Naturevibe Botanicals)
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