Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Coffee trends to look out for - 2022 & beyond
Thursday, 22 September, 2022, 12 : 00 PM [IST]
Our Bureau, Mumbai
The coffee industry is expanding in worth since it is well-liked by customers worldwide and supports numerous emerging countries as one of their main commodities. The enduring appeal of coffee has been demonstrated over time.

Brew enthusiasts continue to appreciate their preferred beverage just as much as they always have as the industry continues to grow. In fact, because of how rapidly our technology is developing and the trends that keep it going, many individuals have developed a new respect for coffee.

The versatility of coffee is one of the great qualities that makes it popular and relevant. Along with fads, the culture around the beans develops and evolves. Coffee may adapt to the times and make this straightforward, age-old beverage even better.

However, the coffee industry has suffered losses due to Covid-19, which has slowed both production and demand while upsetting the global supply chain, with global export quantities slightly declining from 2021 to 2020. New styles have also started to catch on. Consumer lifestyles have changed as a result of Covid-19, and on-trade coffee has suffered greatly.

Coffee is no different from other items in that trends play a dual role in what we buy and consume. On the one hand, consumer interests and issues frequently make their way into goods like coffee.

Organisations closely monitor trends to remain current. For many years, for instance, ecologically friendly items have been a major trend. Coffee firms won't do as well in the current market if their packaging is not recyclable.

Coffee Trends
Ready-to-drink Coffee

The ready-to-drink coffee industry is one of the world's fastest-growing trends. It is viewed as a healthier option than sodas, and an increase in the popularity of iced coffee as a beverage is contributing to the premium status of this industry.

Coffee Subscriptions
Coffee subscription services, where providers deliver coffee to customers' doors, are one booming sector. Although this idea has been around for a while, Covid-19 lockdowns brought it to light as people searched for ways to obtain their caffeine fix while confined at home.

Coffee roasters will be able to provide direct-to-consumer sales and subscription coffee services at scale in 2020 because of the availability of coffee software and simple e-Commerce platform interfaces.

As we transition into a post-Covid-19 world and things start to seem more normal, it remains to be seen how this trend will perform. Previously, the majority of people did not perceive coffee to be a difficult item to get.

Speciality Coffees
While the majority of customers continue to purchase popular coffee blends, there is an increasing demand for premium coffee with cupping scores over 80 points. When a coffee's environmental and social implications are well-told, consumers are more likely to pay for it.

However, "speciality" coffee still has no accepted definition. Coffee producers and other associated companies would do well to concentrate on brands based on high-scoring beverages with solid eco-conscious foundations if they were trying to enter this market.

Milk Alternatives
The usage of non-dairy milk in coffee is another trend that isn't really new. Using plant-based milk is a natural progression of the long-running health movement. Oat and soy milk are currently available in the majority of coffee shops and cafés. This tendency does not appear to be slowing down. Companies that produce plant-based flavoured creamers that blend more smoothly with coffee are increasing the creativity of milk substitutes for coffee. Additionally, potato milk is gaining popularity as a new dairy-free substitute.

Bottled Coffee
In the past, there were just one or two subpar alternatives for coffee in cans and bottles. However, it seems that every major coffee manufacturer has devoted a chunk of their revenue to canned or bottled brew in today's always-on culture. They are not only practical, but they don't call for costly home technology or waiting in protracted lineups at coffee shops. This is a trend that is most likely to continue for some time because of how much better the quality of bottled beer has gotten.

Coffee and Tourism
Agri-tourism appears to be a growingly viable business for people in the sector, despite the present Covid consequences. Growing, marketing, and brewing coffee may not be the sole future of the coffee market.

This kind of coffee tourism is comparable to the frequent trips and tours of wineries in the world of wine. This is connected to the notion that customers want a genuine experience and are prepared to seek out coffee producers and related companies for tours, tastings, and educational opportunities.

This development mostly affects coffee farmers. Although viticulture has shown us that producers in virtually any place will be able to attract tourism, growers in exporting nations may attempt to do so.

The convenience of consumers and the environment are key drivers of several coffee market developments for 2022. Some of them could still be directly connected to the epidemic that is no longer with us, while others are newcomers who hope to change the sector for the better.

Although many coffee industry experts have predicted doom and gloom for the upcoming years due to Covid-19 and climate change, new possibilities for enterprises up and down the supply chain are presented by shifting customer preferences and rising interest in the product.

Those who are able to benefit from new coffee technologies and establish alliances with significant third parties will be able to adapt to whatever the global coffee market may bring, whether it be for the better or worse, and will be able to take advantage of the industry's anticipated continued growth.
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